US accuses Iran of attack on US soil.


The NY Times carries a piece today on the war in Iraq, in which a very important accusation is hidden. The story, written by Stephen Farrell, begins with a doubtful claim by Gen. Odierno:

A car bomb killed 25 people in a Shiite area of the city during the evening rush hour on Thursday, wounding dozens of shoppers, destroying stores and leaving a pall of smoke hanging over the center of the city.

The attack occurred hours after Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, the second-ranking American commander in Iraq, claimed “significant success” for recent security operations in Baghdad and Diyala Province.

This piece is one of a continuing series of flimsy US charges which does not merely charge Iran with interfering in Iraq. Rather, the military and the Bush/Cheney administration are compiling a record in the NY Times (mostly written by Michael Gordon) which documents the supposed (but unproven) participation of Iran in attacks on Americans, and now, on US soil (since the US Embassy has been attacked, and that is considered US soil).

General Odierno, who runs day-to-day military operations in Iraq, also accused Iran of being involved in recent deadly attacks on Baghdad’s high-security Green Zone, which is regularly hit by rocket and mortar fire from across the Tigris River.

“We have seen in the last three months a significant improvement in the capability of mortarmen and rocketeers to provide accurate fire into the Green Zone and other places,” he said in Baghdad.

“We think this is directly related to training that was conducted in Iran,” he said. “So we continue to go after these networks with the Iraqi security forces. This is not done independently by U.S. or coalition forces. This is done in conjunction with Iraqi security forces. And we continue to attack those networks, and we will continue to do so” until the weapons are stopped.

Although the likelihood still seems slight, Bush/Cheney may yet unleash an attack on Iran. The excuse will not be the development of nuclear weapons or even the threat of it; rather, an attack on Iran will be billed as self-defense, after what amounts to Iranian attacks on US troops and soil, as laid out in the United Nations Charter. And rather than have someone akin to Colin Powell make a questionable speech to the UN about Iranian acts, the US is using the NY Times to make the record.


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One response to “US accuses Iran of attack on US soil.

  1. daredevil92103

    good observation. i know that we are looking to attack iran, but i never did notice that aspect of it.
    i’ve been waiting for the next attack to be over here, and then iran will be blamed for it.

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