Larry Lujack, WLS in Chicago

while moving, I ran across some old tapes of the kids and with them was a tape of the last day of radio broadcasting by Larry Lujack at WLS in Chicago, in August of 1987.  I had listened to Dick Biondi and those other idiots on WLS when I was a teenager in Michigan, and came back to WLS when we lived in Indiana years later.  Lujack was a pioneer in what he did and how he did it; he was funny, shocking, sarcastic, and very entertaining. He inspired a whole generation of entertainers from the midwest, including David Letterman.  If you remember Lar, read more about him here.

If you never heard of him, well, you missed something.  I guess he lives in Santa Fe.  Good luck, Lar, whatever in the hell you’re up to.



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3 responses to “Larry Lujack, WLS in Chicago

  1. Wow. My ex was a barber in suburban Chicago. She used to cut Little Tommy (Edwards’) hair. Brings back memories.

  2. You know, Biondi is back on the air, afternoons in Chicago.

  3. Chuck

    I would dearly love to have a copy of that tape. Can we work something out?

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