There is nothing in the Bush administration that is not politicized from top to bottom.

So writes Glenn Greenwald, referring in part to “the new Jesus”, Gen. David Petraeus. And he’s correct. No information coming out of the federal government can be considered truthful, correct, factual or objective. All of it represents the political views of this president and his party. This is true of the military, the Department of Justice, the Food and Drug administration, and every other department.

Here’s another example:

“I do not understand why ambassadors, in Washington on official duty, would be briefed by White House officials on which Democratic House members are considered top targets by the Republican party for defeat in 2008. Nor do I understand why department employees would need to be briefed on ‘key media markets’ in states that are ‘competitive’ for the president,” Biden wrote.

His aides said Biden plans to raise the matter at a confirmation hearing today for Henrietta Holsman Fore to be administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, whose political appointees received at least two White House briefings in the past 10 months, as well as at an oversight hearing tomorrow on the Peace Corps.

Several months ago, White House aides said that about 20 private briefings were held in 15 agencies before the 2006 midterms and that other briefings were held irregularly throughout Bush’s first term.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel found, in a May report, that General Services Administration chief Lurita Alexis Doan violated the Hatch Act when she allegedly asked GSA political appointees how they could “help our candidates” win the next election at a January briefing by White House officials. The Hatch Act insulates virtually all federal workers from partisan politics and bars the use of federal resources — including office buildings, phones and computers — for partisan purposes.


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One response to “There is nothing in the Bush administration that is not politicized from top to bottom.

  1. Steve

    The Bush years has made me despise politics. I have never in my life seen such idiocy, such absolute hatred of reality, and such misplaced hubris. Every human will come to know these 8 years ending in 2008 as the Dark ages: the Bush years. I now truly despise republicans, neocons, and idiots: all shadows of the same, shared evil.

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