The Taos News goes online.

well, I mean, I just noticed they have been online.  Maybe they’ve been online for months. or years.  With New Mexico, you just never know what century they’re operating in, at any given moment.

Taosenos: Upscale, laid back, trustfunders, ethnic poor, racially mixed, overqualified, underskilled, B&B’s, healers and woodcutters, hyphenated names, Indian dancers and developers. Just your typical small town. Maybe a bit more complicated. At least one good laugh and a few weird stories every week.

For instance:

The Taos Town Council voted unanimously Thursday evening to remove the entire Planning and Zoning Commission on charges of it made “arbitrary and capricious” decisions.


A 4 p.m. motorcycle accident on July 15 left one woman dead and three other motorcyclists injured.

Local police are still trying to determine the cause of the accident, in which two Harley Davidson bikes collided in the 500 block of Paseo del Pueblo Sur.


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