Bush’s military spokesman tries to link Osama bin Laden to al Qaeda in Mesopotamia; Michael Gordon, as usual, cooperates.

Bush/Cheney’s new spokesman in Iraq, Gen. Kevin J. Bergner was previously in the Bush White House.  He was apparently sent to Iraq as an extreme “spinner” of the terrible conditions in Iraq, and spouter of the Bush talking points.  His first ploy was referring to all insurgents as al Qaeda. After about  a week of that nonsense,  bloggers and the media caught on, and discredited the idea.

Bergner has moved on to a new ploy,  trying to establish firm links between al Qaeda in Mesopotamia and Osama Bin Laden’s al Qaeda that attacked the US in 2001. Bergner, of course, tries to use the NY Times Michael Gordon, who has always in the past been eager to hype weapons of mass destruction, Iranian explosive devices and other administration propaganda designed to blame outsiders for the mess in Iraq.  Gordon, who has enjoyed special access in return for his unquestioning articles, has, however, now been chastened by the Times.  Gordon’s latest piece is a clumsy mishmash attempt to provide a balanced report of a confusing story provided by Bergner.

At the end, I am persuaded only of the truth of this statement by one of Gordon’s balancing sources:

“our intelligence on Al Qaeda in Iraq is not what we want it to be.”



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