To those who think Congress has more important things to do than impeach Bush and Cheney

crossposted at Daily Kos, in response to a posting by Sen. Russ Feingold:

The Republicans in Congress and the president will not allow any progressive legislation to become law.

The best that the Congress can do is to conduct investigations of the misdeeds of Bush/Cheney, and the conventional hearings, even with subpoenas, are being subverted by Bush/Cheney.

The only effective investigations will be those done under impeachment.

There is no more important job of the Congress than to ensure that the claims of regal power made by Bush/Cheney will not stand.

Right now, any American citizen is subject to warrantless search of mail, person, property and electronic communications, arrest and indefinite detention without trial or attorney. All just on the say so of George W. Bush.

What is more important, what could possibly be more important, than repudiating these regal powers? what would the founding fathers do?

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