UPDATED:USS Enterprise, USS Nimitz to join USS Stennis in Persian Gulf.

Something is afoot, it seems. The USS Enterprise is sailing to the join the 5th Fleet in the area of the Persian Gulf. The carrier USS Nimitz, which had sailed to India from the Gulf, has turned around and is retracing its steps. With the USS Stennis, there will be three carriers the region. The Navy says that the three will remain, rather than the usual six months’ replacement of one of the ships.

[UPDATE: UPDATE: the Navy is now correcting the story; the Enterprise will replace one of the other two carriers; there will not be three carrier groups in the 5th Fleet.]

Obviously, all three ships have groups of ships with them. This will be one of the most powerful naval force ever assembled.

I have no idea what is going on. I expect that the Stennis is being rotated out, and that the Navy is lying about it. But that would certainly be an unusual kind of deception. If, however, all three ships are remaining, one would have to be concerned that there is a military purpose, some sort of objective which has recently been formulated. This doesn’t seem consistent with the “bullying of Iran” for diplomatic purposes. And I don’t think we are going to war with Iran. I suspect that the crisis along the Turkish-Iraqi-Iranian borders may be responsible.

Bush is apparently going to make a major speech in Cleveland tonight. I would watch closely for any clue as to what he is up to.


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