Bush’s idea of probation for Libby: based on his own experience

Without consulting with Fitzgerald or the Justice Department, Bush quickly deciderateded that Libby should just get a fine and probation, and no incarceration. Problem: in the Federal system, you can’t get probation unless you were in prison. Whoops.

Sounds to me like Georgie’s just harking back to his consequence-free personal history, his West Texas days of getting off virtually scot-free for his various substance adventures and god-knows what else.

His own Supreme Court recently found the Federal sentencing guidelines for Libby’s offenses to be presumptively fair. Except for Young Georgie and his pals. They’re good boys, special.

Not to mention what Scooter is holding over the heads of Cheney and Bush.

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Filed under George W. Bush: is he really THAT bad?

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