Train wreck in Iraq continues, Petraeus trots out same old excuses

An actual train wreck does end, at some point; the crashing stops, the cars come to rest, and there, (but for the human tragedy and the cleanup), it’s over.

Iraq is not like that. It is a train wreck, but it doesn’t end.

The massive piling up of physical and human wreckage just gets louder and more violent, the screeching and the sliding and the collisions are interminable, more trains get involved, more smoke, more torn metal and twisted steel, more noise, more grief….

And, while you watch the Iraq train wreck, there is always someone at your elbow, saying, “you know this trainwreck is someone elses’ fault; we just need to stop these trains, we’ll bring in some more new trackwalkers with brighter red lanterns and put up some new signs and reduce the speed limits and well, yes, we may see a temporary increase in the wreckage for a while because these trains really get angry when they see speed limit signs. In another few months we hope to pass laws against train wrecks, so let’s watch the news about Paris Hilton and just try not to notice this astonishing enormous huge catastrophic hideous trainwreck, which is turning the corner and in six months we will see it coming out of the tunnel and seeing progress, and VICTORY.”

At the moment, the new guy talking into your ear is Gen. Petraeus; but he might as well be Scotty McClellan, or Tony Snow, or George Bush himself. Its the same eerie patter, coming from the mouth of someone who has been dubbed a “straight shooter,” but whose karaoke is ever so faithful to the tunes played by the liars of the last 4 years.

Here is Petraeus/Snow/McClellan/Bush, whispering now ….

Twelve troops died in four separate attacks in Baghdad, officials said, with another two killed by a bomb in the western province of Anbar.

US forces have begun a major offensive against militants linked to al-Qaeda north of Baghdad.

Elsewhere at least 15 people died and 40 others were hurt in a suicide truck bomb attack in northern Iraq.

The attack in Suleiman Beg, 90km (55 miles) south of Kirkuk, destroyed part of a local council office and several nearby homes.

The casualties included several women and children, hospital officials said.

Insurgents ‘will respond’

Earlier, the commander of US forces in Iraq said he expected al-Qaeda in Iraq to respond to the military build-up around Baghdad with one of its own.

In an interview with a British newspaper, Gen David Petraeus said the truck bomb attack on an important Shia mosque in Baghdad that killed at least 78 people on Tuesday was an example of this.


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