Tristero on American exceptionalism.


American exceptionalism is not something to celebrate but to strongly oppose for There Lie Monsters. Let’s not forget where this goody two-shoe-ism leads, which is usually straight into debacles. But I must admit: It’s true we haven’t had any foreign policy disasters recently trying to export Truth, Justice, and The American Way. Except for Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Darfur, Russia, Kyoto, Darfur, Mexico, Venezuela, and Pakistan. To name just a few…

Imperialism or neoconservatism, or whatever. it’s a rotten idea to think you’ve got the kind of country everyone else wants to live in, and the kind of values everyone else should have. Believe it or not, my fellow Americans, but there actually are people in this wide world of ours who really don’t find “Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire” either entertaining or amusing. As for systems of government, believe it or not, my fellow Americans, there actually are countries with better ones. This country would be a far better place if it banned capital punishment. And made it illegal to skip voting. And embraced some sections of the South African Constitution. And actually educated its kids in science. And had a working system of healthcare for all.


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One response to “Tristero on American exceptionalism.

  1. I just made a post on whether the elected president would get assasinated like previous American “radicals.” Who do you think would get killed, Obama or Clinton? Heaven forbid of course.

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