US Atty NJ Chris Christie: Bush pioneer got on and off ‘the list’

This may be a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing. In this case, the GOP money-grabbing hand didn’t know what the MoniKyle listmaking hand was doing…Chris Christie, NJ USA, was a Bush Pioneer, who got put on the list after the 2006 elections, apparently for ignoring a “voter fraud” case handed to him by local Republicans, with a great deal of fanfare.
From the Atlantic Highlands Herald.

Republican Assembly candidates Jennifer Beck and Declan O’Scanlon called today for United States Attorney Chris Christie to look into voter fraud in Monmouth County …an investigation by the Republican State Committee turned up rampant voter fraud, including voters who voted in two states, voters who voted in two separate counties in New Jersey, and votes being cast by people listed as deceased.
It’s obvious that we need the United States Attorney’s office to get involved because once again, the Attorney General just doesn’t seem to be up to the task”, said Beck. …It’s the middle of September already. If he doesn’t want to do it, the let Chris Christie handle it.”

… “Obviously, we need better oversight of these local election boards, and better cooperation so we can constantly crosscheck the voter rolls.

How did Christie get off the list?
By a lot of partisan prosecutions and hollering,

in 15 months, that’s one conviction, two subpoenas to [GOP] party organizations during an investigation of the Democratic leadership, and a letter clearing a Republican Mayor.

During the same time period, there have been 63 investigations, subpoenas, indictments or convictions of Democrats.
[view in Google Docs] That sounds bad, but there are all of 12 convictions with well over half of those involving John Lynch and Charles Kushner.

Of course this is necessarily unscientific, in part because the US Attorney’s office has not returned repeated calls from a Blue Jersey representative seeking the list of convictions Christie regularly speaks about, or for the list of public places he’s spoken at. We cannot know – nor should we know – about all of the US Attorney’s investigations, but we do know the ones that made the papers.

And 94 percent of those are of or related to Democrats in the past 15 months.

So the US Attorney’s actions in the newspapers are 94 percent against one party, and then goes on a speaking tour urging voters to get engaged and kick the corrupt politicians out of office. People hearing him speak – at swearings-in, on 101.5 with The Jersey Guys, at colleges, and elsewhere – can’t help but think he means the party he is investigating 94 percent of the time.

Perhaps 94 percent of the time is reasonable for the US Attorney, but the speaking tour is not, and improperly influences the electorate toward the Republican Party. Note that Christe has raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Republicans, and is the front-runner to serve as its 2009 standard bearer for New Jersey Governor.

Seems like a pretty good Bushie, yes? Am I wrong? So it would appear that Christie’s sojourn on the list was not atypical; like USAs in other states, he got put on for ignoring local calls for election fraud prosecutions; in Christie’s case, he seems to have gotten off the list not by finally doing something about “voter fraud,” but by rabidly partisan behavior.


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