Bush is breaking the laws, GAO study finds.

…he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, –US Constitution, Article II, Section 2.

Washington Post
This GAO study shows that Bush is actually breaking laws passed by the Congress. His signing statements provided the rationales, which basically annul the power of the Congress for anything but raising money for him to shovel to his pals. His stance is that the president directs the actions of the government, and that the Congress can’t tell him how to do that. I don’t know what he thinks laws are for, if not to tell the president what to do.

For the first time, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office — Congress’s investigative arm — tried to ascertain whether the administration has made good on such declarations of presidential power. In appropriations acts for fiscal 2006, GAO investigators found 160 separate provisions that Bush had objected to in signing statements. They then chose 19 to follow.

Of those 19 provisions, six — nearly a third — were not carried out according to law. Ten were executed by the executive branch. On three others, conditions did not require an executive branch response.

The instances of noncompliance were not as dramatic as some of the signing statements that have caused the most stir, such as Bush’s suggestion that he was not bound by a ban on torture in U.S. military detention facilities. But congressional aides said they were significant.

Whether you call him a petty tyrant, a dictator, a criminal, or a king, he is disregarding our constitutional safeguards and laws. He should be impeached immediately.

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