Salman Rushdie knighted; Iran displeased


….his second effort – the magic realist novel Midnight’s Children – catapulted him to literary fame.

It won the Booker Prize in 1981 and was awarded the Booker of Bookers in 1993 after being judged the best novel to have won the prize during its 25-year history.

Sir Salman, who turns 60 on 19 June, is renowned as a purveyor of story as political statement.

Death sentence

He takes history and fictionalises it, with imaginative brilliance, and much of his work is set in his native India and Pakistan.

His fourth book – The Satanic Verses in 1988 – describes a cosmic battle between good and evil and combines fantasy, philosophy and farce.

It was immediately condemned by the Islamic world because of its perceived blasphemous depiction of the prophet Muhammad.
It was banned in many countries with large Muslim communities and in 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran’s spiritual leader, issued a fatwa, ordering Sir Salman’s execution.

Despite living as a virtual prisoner, with full police protection, Sir Salman continued to write and produced several novels and essays during his confinement.

His re-emergence has not been without controversy.
In backing Jack Straw over his comments on Muslim women wearing veils, Sir Salman said veils “suck” as they were a symbol of the “limitation of women”.

Of his knighthood for services to literature, Rushdie said: “I am thrilled and humbled to receive this great honour, and am very grateful that my work has been recognised in this way.”

NY Times reports Iranian reaction:

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Rushdie, awarded the knighthood for services to literature in Queen Elizabeth’s birthday honors list published on Saturday, was “one of the most hated figures” in the Islamic world.

Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini portrayed the decision as an act directed against Islam by Britain, which is among world powers involved in an escalating standoff with Iran over Tehran’s disputed nuclear ambitions.

“Honoring and commending an apostate and hated figure will definitely put the British officials (in a position) of confrontation with Islamic societies,” Hosseini said.

“This act shows that insulting Islamic sacred (values) is not accidental. It is planned, organized, guided and supported by some Western countries,” he told a regular briefing.



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5 responses to “Salman Rushdie knighted; Iran displeased

  1. Whilst I have no particular interest in Sir Salman’s novels I am pleased to see him honoured as his knighthood demonstrates that whilst honouring our own we will not be intimidated or influenced by outside political pressures.

    It is of course ludicrous to claim that this honour is “an obvious example of fighting against Islam by high-ranking British officials.” Were this true we would not have seen a 2005 knighthood bestowed by The Queen upon Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, described by The Guardian as the “Most Influential Muslim in the UK”.

    Rather than criticise the British government, Iran should congratulate Britain for having recently raised a number of British Muslims to the highest ranks of British Society as members of the House of Lords. These include Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, the first Muslim peer; Lord Patel of Blackburn, leader of the British Hajj Delegation; Baroness Falkner of Margravine; and Baroness Uddin of Bethnal Green. More on my blog:

  2. salman

    i want to say that it is too bad that satan rushdi the bastard is given a wrong title in stead of the wright one with is -the bastard-, now it is a duty of all muslims in the world to kill this blesfamous bastard quickly,
    now i make it clear to all animies of muslims that yess islam is the religion of peace and brotherhood till animies atack us if any one insults our religion then we are the the thirsty of of those’ bloods who do such dirty things,

  3. salman

    this is too pity that that we muslims alwas are aimed for these evil things,
    it is quite strange that we muslim regard all other religions, even we regard christians too much and acording to our fath jesus crist is the part of our faith and a true prophet of God, but on the conterary christians don’t respect us and give knighthood to those who are our animies,
    why is this happening with muslim,
    why are we being hurt by such news that a stinking bastard satan rushdi has been given the honour by british bovernment,

  4. A hurt Person

    Satan Rushdie,

    You are a basterd and a son of bitch and so is the queen that awarded you. You will burn in Hell fire and will brought to life again and again to be burnt ………. In here and hereafter………..

  5. A hurt Person

    Did anyone managed to read Satan Rushdi’s book as even the government that is protecting them and not just the muslims was abused in his book…..

    Its pitty that the Queen’s forefathers were abused in Satan’s Rushdi book too……… And She awarded him….

    Muslims all over the world were hurt as Britian is been defending the traitors and Terrorism including “Rushdi & Altaf Hussain (MQM) Leader”

    Anyways, here is the quote for British if they know what Rushdi write in his book,

    Amazing England! Rushdie prevails where a blue blooded Englishman fails. Thanks to Maggie and her British votaries of free speech.


    “Chamcha (another name of Rushdie in the TSV) he found himself dreaming of the Queen. of MAKING TENDER LOVE to the MONARCH. She was the body of Britain, the avatar of the State, and he had chosen her, JOINED WITH HER; she was his Beloved, the moon of his delight” (page 169 of TSV)(1) . What is Rushdie telling his readers, if not that he fucked her Majesty. “Joined with her,” above compare with his expression “STILL CONJOINED,” on page 12. “

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