Giuliani will lead the GOP candidates into more warmongering

By most polls Rudy Giuliani leads all GOP presidential hopefuls. I see that his foreign policy advisors include Jack Keane, one of the architects of the “surge”, and John Bolton, well-known jackass and warmonger. Rudy’s ready for another surge:

Bloomberg host Peter Cook asked Giuliani, “If General Petraeus comes back in September and says, we can win this thing, but it’s going to take more U.S. troops, could you support the notion of adding even more U.S. troops to Iraq?”

Giuliani said he could support escalating Bush’s escalation, provided Petraeus believed he “need[ed] more troops to make it work in order to get Iraq to a situation where Iraq is stable.” When Cook noted that many Americans would strongly oppose such a plan, Giuliani said, “Hey, you know, leadership is about sometimes doing the things you know are right.”

It seems likely that the other GOP candidates will be taking ever more hawkish positions, in an attempt to overtake Giuliani. This will pretty much preclude a rational discussion of alternatives, come this fall, let alone next year.


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