Hospital corners: no, it’s not tucking in the whole side

OTLS! is impressed by the apparent widespread disagreement about how to make a bed.  And since Google doesn’t distinguish between right and wrong, OTLS! feels compelled to add its substantial weight to the correct way of putting on the top sheet/blankets.

The top sheet is not fitted, it’s “flat.” PATTERN FACES DOWN, toward the pattern of the fitted sheet. The sheet and the blanket are tucked in together. You need about 15  inches hanging over the end of the bed.

Tuck in sheet/blanket at the end of the bed, all the way across.

Now, the sides: hospital corners. It’s easy.

First, grasp the edge of the sheet/blankets at the end of the bed, in other words, about a foot and a half from the true corner of the sheet/blankets. Lift this point out to the side, forming what looks like an extension of the width of the bed. Now just swing that point toward the head of the bed, folding the sheet/blankets along the side of the bed, and hold it there, against the top edge of the mattress, for a moment, while you tuck in whatever hangs below the bottom of the mattress. Then allow the point you’ve been holding to fall down, forming a graceful straight fall at the corner of the bed.

Do the other end corner the same way and you’re done except for the smoothing, etc.


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