Bush’s BLM opens Roan Plateau to oil and gas drilling

This beautiful and unprotected area in Colorado on the western slope of the Rockies has been under consideration by the BLM for drilling for some time. The response on the part of the citizenry, business, hunters, and NGOs has been overwhelmingly negative. Nonetheless, the BLM today announced that it will open the area to drilling.

This is an outrage.

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter’s office released a statement Friday criticizing the BLM’s refusal to extend the plan’s comment period for another 120 days to permit further review by the state of Colorado.

“My request for an additional 120 days to review the draft plan prior to the Record of Decision was intended to give my administration an opportunity to ensure that the values shared by Colorado’s citizens were reflected in the Roan Management Plan,” Ritter said. “Unfortunately, the BLM’s rush to lease this special area could inhibit my ability to weigh in on this extremely important decision.”

I don’t know what can be done at this point. This crap is going on all over the West, and I hope to god it costs the GOP dearly, at least.


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One response to “Bush’s BLM opens Roan Plateau to oil and gas drilling

  1. Jason357

    States can’t have it both ways. They suck up federal money, then get pissed when feds push them around.

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