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Baseball: NYTimes gets it wrong on Gary Sheffield’s racism


William C. Rhoden writes that Sheffield is right…

[Sheffield] spent most of the week responding and not responding to comments he made in an article in GQ magazine to the effect that Latino players are more desirable to major league teams because they are easier to control than African-American players.

Sheffield’s choice of the word control was harsh. There is a malaise among athletes in general in terms of challenging the status quo. But at a time when immigration is a searing topic, Sheffield raised a crucial issue about a delicate subject: the competition for jobs between African-American and Latino players in Major League Baseball.

“Baseball has a choice of which black faces it wants representing baseball,” Sheffield said Thursday during a telephone interview. “They’re choosing Latinos. What I was saying is that they’re choosing them because they can sign them for $2,000 and if they don’t take it, what do they have to do? They got to go back to where they’re from and they got to eat hot dogs for dinner.”

Rhoden is wrong and more importantly Sheffield is wrong. If Sheffield wants to draw a line between Americans and Latin Americans, he can try and do so, but he will have some real factual, as well as logical, problems in those efforts. But to say that baseball is choosing which black faces to employ is RIDICULOUS, and some of his other comments certainly utilize racial stereotypes and overgeneralizations. The idea that immigrants are taking American jobs is certainly worth discussing, as is the “draft,” but making it into a differential racial issue is not only inaccurate, it’s destructive.

Try again, NY Times. This was an easy one, and you got it wrong.


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Fred Thompson, corporate lobbyist

That’s his life’s work, and for some reason, he doesn’t care to talk about it.

David Sirota does, however.

Not surprisingly, the National Association of Manufacturers has a post on its blog trumpeting Thompson’s first major policy declaration: His decision to make enacting new corporate tax breaks the centerpiece of his campaign.

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Bush’s BLM opens Roan Plateau to oil and gas drilling

This beautiful and unprotected area in Colorado on the western slope of the Rockies has been under consideration by the BLM for drilling for some time. The response on the part of the citizenry, business, hunters, and NGOs has been overwhelmingly negative. Nonetheless, the BLM today announced that it will open the area to drilling.

This is an outrage.

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter’s office released a statement Friday criticizing the BLM’s refusal to extend the plan’s comment period for another 120 days to permit further review by the state of Colorado.

“My request for an additional 120 days to review the draft plan prior to the Record of Decision was intended to give my administration an opportunity to ensure that the values shared by Colorado’s citizens were reflected in the Roan Management Plan,” Ritter said. “Unfortunately, the BLM’s rush to lease this special area could inhibit my ability to weigh in on this extremely important decision.”

I don’t know what can be done at this point. This crap is going on all over the West, and I hope to god it costs the GOP dearly, at least.

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