Newsweek calls Bush “plan” for Iraq “hazy,” a polite word for “no plan.”

As the mayhem in Iraq continues unabated, the various Plan B’s and trial  balloons and Korea analogies and waffling and backtracking around the White House are recounted in Newsweek by Michael Hirsch.

It’s a sad tale.  Bush doesn’t know what he’s doing and neither does anyone else, inside the White House or outside it.  Let the war czar worry about it, that’s the clear message.  Refer all questions to him, and do the little smirk.

The best hope now for America is that the Iraqis boot us out in December, when the UN occupation resolution must be re-voted upon. The chances of that are probably less than 50-50; the parliament wants us out, but al-Maliki will veto any such legislation (as long as he’s in power).  If he falls, it’s probably chaos.  The only hope would be in a situation where al-Maliki feels he can stay in power only by booting the US. That seems like a leap of faith that he would never take.

h/t Atrios.

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