US attorney scandal: Bradley Schlozman testimony

In case you missed the testimony yesterday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, let me give you the essence of it.

The US attorney from Missouri who was fired came across as a dedicated, impartial, non-partisan officer of the court, honorable public servant, and native son.

The guy who replaced him, Bradley Schlozman, came across as a whining, lying, carpetbagging little GOP operative with no prosecutorial experience, who came in and indicted some poor voter registrars right before the election, in violation of DoJ guidelines.

It was disgusting. Laughable. Sickening.
In a way, I was reminded of the scene from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, in which the Highway Patrolman questions John Candy about the burned-out car Candy is driving:

Officer: You got no outside mirror.
Del Griffith (John Candy): It’s lost.
Officer: You have no functioning gauges.
Del Griffith: No, not a one. However, the radio still works.


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