The Shield: the Mope Opera continues next season

As we leave Vic and Shane until next season, the two are pretty much in a dead heat for who can have the most impossibly dangerous complicated fucked up lives. Right now, Shane is in the lead, because unlike Vic, Shane gets up in the morning, stretches, and thinks, “I’m gonna go right out and do something illegal, immoral, and unethical, that will get a whole gang of people pissed off at me. Because I’m a cop, and I’m entitled to. ”

Whereas Vic doesn’t do that kind of stuff unless it seems like the best way out of the current scrape he’s in.

Back in the day, who would have ever thought a show would come along that would make NYPD Blue look like Sesame Street? The Shield isn’t stacked with hotties, but everybody is on the make, and Vic is Andy Sipowitz on crack.


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