Rove, Sampson, Schlozman….what is it with these tubby little guys?

When I saw Bradley Scholzman testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee I just got a little weirded out. Shave Scholzman’s facial hair and you couldn’t tell him apart from Rove and Sampson…were they all high school outcasts who swore revenge on the world?

He bag production, He got wal-rus gumboot

He got O-no sideboard, He one spinal cracker

He got feet down below his knee

Hold you in his armchair, you can feel his disease

Did they all come together with their Snow White, Monica Goodling, in a lovefest of dirty tricks, lawbreaking, smears, threats, “opposition research,” and unchecked power over the Department of Justice?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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Filed under Alberto Gonzales:boob or simpleton-you decide, George W. Bush: is he really THAT bad?, Karl Rove:Bush's brain or Bush's as'hole?, US Attorneys, voter intimidation

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