Excuse me? Hasn’t it been 5 months? WTF is Petraeus doing on “The Early Show?”

Gen. David Petraeus told “The Early Show” on CBS that the military hasn’t even started the “full surge” yet, so he won’t have an answer as to whether it’s working until September.

What are we paying you for, General? If that’s the truth, get your ass off “The Early Show” for godsakes and get the freakin thing in gear. God, this pisses me off. We have got hundreds of Bushies who are happy to go on the TeeVee and deceive the public, without having the supposed straightshooting ace counterinsurgency guy doing it. Get yer butt over to the Pentagon or Iraq or someplace where you can DO YOUR JOB.

Let’s face the truth, here, not a single objective of the surge has been accomplished nor will be accomplished. Nothing. Bush knows he has no cred so he’s turning Petraeus into another Tony Freakin Snow.

Turn my stomach. Kids are dying.


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