Bush steps in another pile of shit: re-igniting the arms race/cold war

It never stops and it never will until Bush is removed from office: disrupting treaties and relationships around the world, making bellicose statements, screwing up America’s image….this time it’s placing missiles in eastern Europe, and trying to cover his tracks with this bullshit about Democracy. The man is a menace to world peace, and we should get him out of power.

CBS News:

CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante reports the missile defense standoff has set back American relations with Moscow like nothing else in years.

But Russia is not alone in disliking the idea of constructing missile and radar installations in the Czech Republic and other countries on its doorstep. Most Czechs aren’t happy about the proposal, either.

Recent polls in the former Soviet satellite, now a democratic NATO ally, show more than 60 percent of the public in opposition.

The international debate over the missile defense system likely will drown out everything else during Mr. Bush’s stay in Prague. The U.S. plan calls for an anti-missile radar base to be built at the Brdy military zone southwest of the capital.

For their part, Czech leaders have brushed off Russia’s objections, remaining receptive to the project. Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek called it “a necessary step which will significantly increase our security and also the security of our European allies and neighbors.”

Most Czech citizens, though, worry about Russian threats to take military steps in response, and they fear that the installation could make the tiny country a terrorist target.

In Prague last weekend, more than 1,000 people protested the plan. Demonstrators planned to show their displeasure again Tuesday outside medieval Prague Castle, where Bush was to meet with Topolanek and President Vaclav Klaus.

Over the weekend, Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped up already incendiary remarks about the U.S. and its intentions with the shield, warning that Moscow could take “retaliatory steps” including aiming nuclear weapons at U.S. military bases in Europe. Russia believes the shield in Eastern Europe is meant for it, and says it has no choice but to boost its own military potential in response.

The Congress can no longer dodge the responsibility of removing the current president and vice-president from office.


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