The Sopranos: Chase is losing it

I must say, this season of the Sopranos has been one disappointment after another. Virtually every show has seemed contrived, disconnected, and highly improbable. Tony’s huge gambling problem: where did that come from? his desert “tripping”…Meadow does an about face on her life plan; The dinner party discussion of Tony’s psychotherapy; Dr. Melfi booting Tony; AJ’s bizarre suicide attempt…the botched attempt on Phil Leotardo seemed just weird….I could go on and on.

Very disappointing.

What will be the “final” chapter? Chase has several “been there, done that” endings to chose from. Will he keep Tony alive, in prison, for a sequel/movie? that would risk real criticism, but so will any other choice….will he chose something that smacks too much of Goodfellas, a Godfather film, Scarface, or one of the other famous mob films?

or will he pull it out with something creative?

The remaining interesting issues are all related to whether any of the family can escape Tony’s toxic touch. Will Meadow become a mob lawyer? Will AJ make it into the restaurant business? Can Carmella make it as a real estate agent? I don’t think we care to see Tony get shot down. It may happen, but not on camera.
I think that some kind of “ten years down the road” scene would be a creative ending. The family (minus Tony) gets together….

It’s tempting to hope that Chase comes up with something that ties together a whole bunch of the loose ends: the asbestos, the Russian in the forest, the feds, the Middle Eastern “terrorists,” and so on….but based on what we have seen so far, I am not optimistic. I do think that Chase will show the family’s financial collapse, which has been pretty heavily foreshadowed. But that isn’t enough.

I didn’t particularly like the last episode of Seinfeld, because it wasn’t very funny…but at least it provided some kind of closure.

Incidentally, speaking of Seinfeld and the progressively fatter George Costanza, several Sopranos characters really chunked up this year. Sil? geez…Of course, that seems compatible with their lifestyle, but Dr. Melfi? she must have put on 15 pounds. The notable exception is Carmella.


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2 responses to “The Sopranos: Chase is losing it

  1. southernfriedfatty

    I was just telling my hubby Sunday night how everyone looks like they have put on weight. Carmella looks better this season than she has during the entire run of the series.

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