Religion and the presidency: no longer off limits for discussion

The candidacy of Mitt Romney, a Mormon, once again raises the question of what issues are off limits for questioning. 

One of the many disasters visited upon the Republic by Karl Rove and George W. Bush is the breakdown of the barrier between church and state. Like so many of their ploys, this one is going to be difficult to put back in the bottle. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been either given to “faith-based” organizations, or, on the other hand, denied, for what amounts to religious differences between George W. Bush, and some otherwise perfectly useful and upright organization (embryonic stem cell research, for example). Bush himself claims to have been influenced by “God” in his decisions, making choices which were irrational and resulted in disasterous results.

To suggest that religion is not a fit topic for discussion is dishonest. It is more than a fit topic, it is a necessary one, and it is a critical topic, because religion is inherently irrational, and candidates who profess to be influenced by irrational considerations can constitute a hazard to the Republic, as Bush himself illustrates.

Bring it on.



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2 responses to “Religion and the presidency: no longer off limits for discussion

  1. namaste,

    i from india, what is this bush u say about? i want to know more. can you come to my country an educate me. i will pay u with 5 buffaloes.

  2. Jess

    I agree that religion is a topic of discussion, it shouldn’t be shoved aside; just as long as it isn’t the focus of questioning. While I agree that religion is part of the make up of a person, they aren’t always “influenced” by it when it comes to business matters, namely politics. Sometimes they are, but you can’t sterotype “religious politicians” as always being that way. Personally, I think that Romney did an amazing job during 9/11. He was perhaps one of the few sane politians to handle the situation to the best of his ablity. It should be about the politics, and however they stand on the issues, that’s what should matter.

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