Fred Kagan doesn’t pass the smell test

It isn’t just his ideas and his writing; it’s him. It isn’t that he doesn’t take showers, though I don’t really know about that. But anyone who can write :

Sectarian violence has dropped considerably as a result of the changed strategy

stinks in a personal, ethical way.

Iraqis are getting killed at least as fast as they were before.  And Americans are getting killed faster, and sometimes by members of the Iraqi army. This information is getting out in spite of increasing censorship and data manipulation i.e. suiciders, car bombs, and IEDs don’t count, and no fair checking the morgues and Health Ministry.

The Green Zone is getting shelled, rocketed and bombed. The US is still calling in air strikes on civilian neighborhoods, for God’s sake. Zero political progress has been made. The promised Provincial Reconstruction Teams don’t exist. Al-Sadr is back, and the Iraqis have wised up on the implications of the “oil steal law”.

Fred can see that his surge plan has been weighed, measured and counted, and found wanting, and Fred doesn’t like that handwriting on the wall.

You’ve had your day in the sandbox, Fats, trying out neocon theories; and it was far, FAR more than you deserved. George W. “Korea” Bush is movin’ on to somebody else’s excuses/rouses/debacle/plan for six months. This time it’s the Iraq Study Group…so go back to your sandbox think tank and your toy soldiers.


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