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Ex-marine war protestor threatened with revocation of honorable discharge


After serving his country in Iraq, former Marine Sgt. Adam Kokesh grew disillusioned with US involvement there and became an anti-war activist. He participated in demonstrations around Washington, including Operation First Casualty, which was organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War in March.

Kokesh’s anti-war activity and his correspondence with Marine investigators has rankled the military enough that it is working to revoke the veteran’s “honorable discharge” designation. Kokesh will appear before a military hearing in Kansas City, Mo., Monday to fight the military’s attempt to change his discharge status to “other than honorable.”


he March demonstration involved Kokesh and other vets performing mock patrols around the nation’s capital to offer Americans a peek at what life is like in Iraq. Kokesh wore his Marine fatigues with his name, rank and Marine Corps insignia patches removed. The military told Kokesh that wearing the uniform violated Defense Department regulations, despite the fact that he had been honorably discharged from the service the previous year. Kokesh is still part of the Inactive Ready Reserve, which allows for discharged troops to be called back to service in case of an emergency.

Kokesh was informed via e-mail that he may be violating regulations, and he did not take the admonishment lightly. He responded to the officer who had sent the e-mail, advising him not to waste time on “such petty issues, (while) our fellow Marines continue to die in futility….”

“So no, I am not replying to your e-mail in order to acknowledge my understanding of my obligations and responsibilities,” Kokesh wrote, ” but rather to ask you to please, kindly, go fuck yourself.”

The US tries to spy on and intimidate every citizen who tries to exercise his constitutional rights to free speech against war.  I would suggest that the Marine Corps should start photographing people at pro-war events; the would find hundreds of active duty soldiers who are actually violating the law by appearing in uniform at pro-war events.  This gentleman, however, is not breaking the law.


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US launches attack inside Somalia; still no congressional approval


American forces struck inside Somalia on Friday, shelling a mountainous area where suspected militants were hiding out, Somali officials said on Saturday. It was the third American strike in Somalia this year.

According to Somali security forces, an American warship bombarded the area after two boatloads of gunmen landed at a small fishing village on the north Somali coast. The gunmen killed three Somali policemen and briefly took over the village before fleeing inland.

As far as I know, the Bush administration is openly sponsoring and participating in an invasion and war of aggression which has not been authorized by the Congress. We get almost exclusively the Bush propaganda, but even that is not very reassuring. We have to restore checks and balances and adherence to our laws.

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Condi references Dick Cheney as a “new crazy.” Yipes.

The story by Steve Clemons, on the schism in the Bush administration over an attack on Iran, has really gotten some legs. It was confirmed by Joe Klein; and it has now come out that

During an interview with BBC Radio broadcast Friday, Mohamed ElBaradei, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said he did not want to see another war like the one still raging in Iraq four years after the American-led invasion there.

“You do not want to give additional argument to new crazies who say, ‘Let’s go and bomb Iran,’ ” Dr. ElBaradei said. “I wake up every morning and see 100 Iraqis, innocent civilians, are dying.”

In today’s NY Times, we see that Condi (supposedly an Iran “dove”) felt constrained to take a not-so-backhanded jab at the Dickster:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sought Friday to minimize any sense of division within the Bush administration over Iran after the head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency delivered a pointed warning against what he called the “new crazies” pushing for military action against Tehran.

“The president of the United States has made it clear that we are on a course that is a diplomatic course,” Ms. Rice said here. “That policy is supported by all of the members of the cabinet, and by the vice president of the United States.

Ms. Rice’s assurance came as senior officials at the State Department were expressing fury over reports that members of Vice President Dick Cheney’s staff have told others that Mr. Cheney believes the diplomatic track with Iran is pointless, and is looking for ways to persuade Mr. Bush to confront Iran militarily.

This isn’t the first time the words “crazy” and “bomb Iran” have appeared in the same interview. It was reported that Admiral William Fallon, new CENTCOM chief, reportedly said:

… an attack on Iran “will not happen on my watch”.  …”There are several of us trying to put the crazies back in the box.”

Personally, I think the Veep should be referred to as “still crazy,” or “neocrazy”, but “new crazy” will have to do. This is beginning to sound very 1951; PresW thinks he’s Truman; let’s see how he deals with his own little Douglas MacArthur.

Now if I know Cheney, he’s breathing blue smoke and breaking furniture in the Executive Office Building as we speak, ginning up some words of ridicule about Ms. Rice and Mr. El Baradei for the Sunday talk shows.

Popcorn, plez…..

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Fred Kagan doesn’t pass the smell test

It isn’t just his ideas and his writing; it’s him. It isn’t that he doesn’t take showers, though I don’t really know about that. But anyone who can write :

Sectarian violence has dropped considerably as a result of the changed strategy

stinks in a personal, ethical way.

Iraqis are getting killed at least as fast as they were before.  And Americans are getting killed faster, and sometimes by members of the Iraqi army. This information is getting out in spite of increasing censorship and data manipulation i.e. suiciders, car bombs, and IEDs don’t count, and no fair checking the morgues and Health Ministry.

The Green Zone is getting shelled, rocketed and bombed. The US is still calling in air strikes on civilian neighborhoods, for God’s sake. Zero political progress has been made. The promised Provincial Reconstruction Teams don’t exist. Al-Sadr is back, and the Iraqis have wised up on the implications of the “oil steal law”.

Fred can see that his surge plan has been weighed, measured and counted, and found wanting, and Fred doesn’t like that handwriting on the wall.

You’ve had your day in the sandbox, Fats, trying out neocon theories; and it was far, FAR more than you deserved. George W. “Korea” Bush is movin’ on to somebody else’s excuses/rouses/debacle/plan for six months. This time it’s the Iraq Study Group…so go back to your sandbox think tank and your toy soldiers.

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Bush counselor Dan Bartlett quits, says mistakes have been too numerous to count.

Hard to believe somebody close to Bush all this time has any sense of the reality, the horror, of the last six years. Maybe that’s why he’s leaving.

Fox News’ John Gibson to Dan Bartlett today: “A lot has happened obviously in the Bush presidency, and there are undoubtedly things that, in private thoughts, people say, I wish I’d done that differently. What would you take as a do-over?” Bartlett: “Well, there’s too many to count now.”

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