Commentary on commentaries on Al Gore

Al Gore is a challenge to the traditional idea of politicians. His manner is more like that of your favorite high school teacher. He is the anti-demagogue.  He invites you to listen and think about what he says, and to engage in a meaningful dialogue.   His time out of government has allowed him get a perspective on the major problems facing the nation and  the world.

He is a terrific threat to what the American political system has evolved into.

Here is a great take on the slams and smears that have been directed at Gore and his books.

Ironically, of course, these reviews actually illustrate Gore’s central point. They cast him as a liberal monster who aims to suppress free speech, or they make fun of his writing, his sighs or his professorial manner, rather than focusing on his arguments. They aim to win with image and rhetoric, not content.

Which is great as entertainment, but not so great for understanding issues that really matter: how and why we’ve slipped from first to sixth in global business competitiveness, why our infant mortality rate ranks down there with Latvia’s, or why the Chinese are graduating more engineers every year than we are.

Surely a good share of the extreme animus against Al Gore comes from the far right, who seem to hate him viscerally, and from powerful business interests with no particular desire for widely ranging debate amongst an informed public. These interests like to paint Gore – and his idea of government that would use rather than abuse knowledge – as the products of some kind of demented science-crazed lunacy bent on shackling the human spirit with equations or computer programs, and luring us into a scientifically planned hell-on-earth.

The piece is well worth a read, as it casts some light on the forces that would be arrayed against Gore if he were to run for president.  It is a sorry state of affairs.  I read David Brooks’ piece in the NY Times the other day, and thought about commenting on it, but decided I really couldn’t refer to people to such a shallow, inaccurate and personal attack on a fine person.

If Al Gore throws his hat in the ring, OTLS! will be hard pressed not to jump on the bandwagon.



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3 responses to “Commentary on commentaries on Al Gore

  1. gasdocpol

    Given a choice between GW Bush a man who was a drifter with a drinking problem until he was 40 and then a serially failing business man until he was propped up by the Neocons as their front in the largely ceremonial post of Texas Governor, someone who was uninformed, inexperienced and inarticulate and ……..Al Gore, it should not have been even close in 2000.

    Gore grasped the significance of the Internet years before most of us had even heard of it and was very active in its legislation.

    Gore was one of 2 Democrats who voted for Desert Storm.

    Gore applauded the Afganistan invasion.

    Gore actively opposed the iraq war in numerous major speeches starting in Sept 2002.

    Gore probably got it right about global warming.

    Gore tends to get it right.

    GW Bush tends to screw up everything he touches.


  2. newsreelneil

    Gore is nothing but a New World Order puppet like the vast majority of so called leaders around the ‘civilised’ countries. He’s dishonest and corrupt and has utter contempt of the environment which is shown in his abuse and destruction of the ancestral homes of the U’wa tribe in Columbia and the Kitanemuk Indians of central California despite environmentalists of the day taking out a legal case against his company Occidental Oil under the Endangered Species Act due to the destruction and pollution of environment through this companies oil drilling emterprises.
    He is part of the criminal, eugenicist elite group that run the world and should be condemned in the strongest terms, tried in a criminal court and put away for life with his fellow members of this manical cabal.

  3. newsreelneil

    For anyone who cares to do the most minimal of research themselves, it would be clear that in the last 10 years at least, when China has been building the equivalent of one coal fired power station a week, that the planet has actually been cooling. What is it with the media, an industry which is supposed to seek out and report the facts, seems incapable of doing so? It takes a small amount of basic investigation to show that this whole manmade global warming story is just that, a story. It’s put out by very powerful people, including Al Gore himself, to serve the vested economic interests of the elite including Al Gore’s own carbon trading company Generation Investment Management.

    Let’s be clear about one thing and that’s the hypocrisy of Al Gore. This is a man with considerable holdings, not only in the company mentioned above but also in Occidental Oil. This company is responsible for the destruction of the ancestral home of the Kitanemuk Indians in the Elk Hills of Central California. At the time environmentalists filed a lawsuit against his company under the Endangered Species Act to no avail as drilling went ahead.

    Another indigenous population, the U’wa of North-eastern Columbia were removed from their ancestral homes. The 5000 strong community even threatened mass suicide if Occidental started drilling but this was also ignored by Occidental Oil, again ignoring the concerns of environmentalists.

    These are just a couple of examples of the utter hypocrisy of Al Gore. There are many more. This is the man we are supposed to trust to be giving us the facts behind manmade global warming despite his film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ being pulled apart and shown to contain numerous incorrect assumptions and blatant falsehoods.

    So, we need more electricity. Well how about exploring the technology of Nikola Tesla for a start? This was the man who invented the first ever hydro electric power station at Niagara Falls, still in use today. This genius was a compulsive inventor of electrical machines, the technologies of which are still used 65 years after his death. It has been reported many times that at least half of his inventions have been suppressed by powerful corporations, particularly the energy industry. The reason for this is that Tesla seemingly proved that electricity could be provided free to everyone on the planet. He also proved that cables were unnecessary for transporting it. He is also said to have invented the magnetic generator which used no fuel whatsoever and worked using magnets to rotate a turbine which produced the required electricity. This could be built to any scale for any intended generation needs and indeed would be possible for every single house on the planet to have their own. This would cut the need for power generating plants and completely nullify energy production pollution emissions of any kind. It could also be used to run any type of motorised vehicles. Yes, planes, trains and automobiles!

    This of course would not be in the interests of the corporations who own our energy companies, car makers etc.

    It’s about time reporters/journalists started to investigate the real world instead of listening to spin doctors and vested interests who will simply tell you what they want you to report. In essence you need to start taking some pride in your profession and seek out the truth!

    The truth shall set us all free.


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