Troops killed in Iraq most since January, 2005.

The month isn’t over, but it’s already worse than last month, which was the worst since January 2005.   Four of our kids are being killed each day, on average.


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One response to “Troops killed in Iraq most since January, 2005.

  1. Mullah Cimoc

    mullah cimoc say ameriki him son die each day in iraq, all for benfiting masters in tel aviv.

    him iraki not even have the shoe but kick ameriki ass. how this possible?

    how possible usa media not showing iraq war activity. just one dull blur for ameriki. him not know true.

    usa media so control by intelligence agencies. this part of method for keep masses uninformed.

    in bible it say “before the fall, goeth pride”. Ameriki so pride. now the fall to hurt so many the good ameriki people.

    please ameriki: stop insraeli spy controlling usa media and govt.
    read: a man called intrepid, by william stevenson and inside the company, a cia diary by phillip agee. understand why thomas jefferson so ashame if visit amerikah today.

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