LA Times: Iraq political goals will not be met; moving the goal posts.

The LA Times reports that the US “surge” tactics will not result in the achievement of the stated political goals, in spite of the deferral of the evaluation date until September.

Enactment of a new law to share Iraq’s oil revenue among Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish regions is the only goal they think might be achieved in time, and even that is considered a long shot. The two other key benchmarks are provincial elections and a deal to allow more Sunni Arabs into government jobs.

With overhauls by the central government stalled and with security in Baghdad still a distant goal, Petraeus’ advisors hope to focus on smaller achievements that they see as signs of progress, including local deals among Iraq’s rival factions to establish areas of peace in some provincial cities.

“Some of it will be infrastructure that is being worked, some of it is local security for neighborhoods, some of it is markets reopening,” said a senior military official in Baghdad who spoke on condition of anonymity in discussing military tactics.

In other words, the entire mission has failed in its objectives: security in Baghdad and political progress have not been achieved.

Obvious next step: redefine the mission aka moving the goalposts.

Moving the goalposts, increasing the censorship, distorting the casualty numbers, deferring the evaluations….more of the same, while our kids get killed, their brains get screwed up, and we pour hundreds of billions down the money hole, and we can’t even take care of our own people. Suicides among returning veterans are becoming evident.


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