Democratic presidential candidates

This is a league game.

Am I wrong? Am I WRONG?

–Walter Sobchak, from The Big Lebowski.

OTLS! is quite interested in the Democratic campaign for the presidential nomination, but has yet to make any comments/predictions/preferences/rude remarks/gross bodily noises.

This election is not about when we will leave Iraq, or what kind of health care we will have, or whether or not abortion will be a choice available to Americans.

Rather, the overarching issue for the future of this country is whether or not we will regain our ethical, political and intellectual leadership in the world or, continue in the decline which began, really, with the voter suppression by the Florida Secretary of State in 2000, and the interruption of the 2000 Florida vote recount by John Bolton and his band of Republican recruits.

Since that time, with the help of Osama Bin Laden, the purposes and functions of the government have been subverted in a multitude of ways. The United States no longer tries to do the best, smartest, most ethical, most democratic, bravest, generous things. Instead, we have been led toward a fascist/corporatist state, deceived by appeals to nativism, rascism, nationalism, fear, ignorance and religious bigotry.

To the extent that candidates seem to understand these issues, and show some sign of leadership in the opposite direction, they will receive the support of OTLS!

The present Republican Party is now completely Over the Line, Smokey!…..a band of criminals; most have not yet been indicted, and probably most never will be; but they have no business in our government; they have no interest improving lot of 98% of Americans, whom they view only as consumers and laborers. Republicans should return to their various business enterprises, where they can abuse their workers at will and take their questionable “business-related” tax deductions, and be happy.

OTLS! has castigated most of the GOP presidential hopefuls and will continue to do so, but that becomes too much of a time-waster, at least until the nominee is selected.


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