Zoho: free web-based office suite

I have been using this for a few weeks ; it has 15 applications, and it’s free. It really takes platform issues out of the equation.



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4 responses to “Zoho: free web-based office suite

  1. themrs07

    Thanks for the info!

  2. I also have been using Zoho – In particular the Wiki application is very useful for hosting a website. If you don’t want people altering the content you can set it up so that only you can edit the pages. I have found it a little buggy sometimes though, when you edit the html code of the page, it sometimes goes nuts. If you close the browser and reopen and edit the page again it is okay.

  3. @ Smokey : Thanks for using Zoho and recommending us to your readers!

    @ Jaseman125 : Sorry about the HTML code bug in Zoho Wiki that you faced and thanks for alerting us of the issue. We will analyze why this is happening and correct it as soon as possible. Continue using Zoho Wiki and do mail in your feedback to feedback(at)zohowiki.com

  4. the Zoho applications are updated very frequently. This is a double bonus: firstly, the apps get better. Secondly, the user doesn’t have to update anything on his/her computer ie no “would you like to install it now?” messages. Not only does this avoid timewasting,it also obviates the incompatibility problem one faces at times when installing updates.

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