Andrew J. Bacevich writes of the loss of his son in Iraq


It’s a bitter piece.  Those of us with sons can perhaps imagine something of what he feels.

Certainly we are all complicit to a degree. The Democrats’ involvement did not start last week when they failed to stop the war.

Our political system seems to broken, or dead, and many of us grieve for our country.  We are no longer the city on the hill. We are the new fascist world power, ruled by the worst sort of people, who rule by manipulation and encouragement of our worst impulses.  Our election process, our justice system, our constitution have been turned on their heads, the habeas corpus laws overturned after almost 900 years.  Religious zealots who wish an Armaggedon  have a great voice in our national policies.  And there is not even a real discussion of removing even the worst war criminals and traitors from office.   It is a time to be bitter.


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