Pouty pres gets personal with press

If Bush wants to get personal, I’m sure the press corps could oblige by asking why Bush and his kids danced the drunk fantastic while others’ kids were sent off to die in foreign wars.  Personally, I think it might demean the office, but then, I don’t know how Bush could do that any more than he already has.

Thursday, the president got personal when talking about the threat from al-Qaida terrorists. “They are a threat to your children, David,” he said to NBC’s David Gregory. It’s an understandable instinct. To persuade, we try to appeal to common experience. Policy debates can get abstract. Mention someone’s children, though, and they get concrete fast. The president found this such a useful tool that he used it a second time in the same press conference. “I would hope our world hasn’t become so cynical that they don’t take the threats of al-Qaida seriously, because they’re real, and it’s a danger to the American people,” he said in response to a question about the war from Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times. “It’s a danger to your children, Jim.”


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