pachacutec: Iraq war, immigration: corporations win, America loses

Two very disappointing pieces of legislation this week:

the Iraq funding bill passed, to the aid and comfort only of the oil and military industrial complex, and

the immigration bill with it’s permanent underclass and undercutting of working people (likely to pass in some form).


…on the one hand, the right wing is melting down over the GOP corporatist position on immigration, cracking the coalition with the grass roots racists. On our side, we control, supposedly, both houses of congress, and yet the Blue Dogs and other corporatists (led by Steny Hoyer, abetted by a handful of Dem senators) struck a deal with the White House to capitulate on the occupation funding just as we had the greater leverage and momentum on our side.

Notice anything?

The same party is winning both fights, but it’s not the Dems or the GOP.

I wrote a post right before the election that was a little more weedy than David Sirota’s subsequent description of the Money Party versus the People Party. In it, I argued we actually have three parties. I’d like to recommend people take a look at that again, because I think it holds up rather well in light of the events of this week.


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One response to “pachacutec: Iraq war, immigration: corporations win, America loses

  1. I come at the same conclusion you do in a slightly different manner. I contend we have but one party that really is in power, with two marginalized factions on the left and right. The factions control only what is SAID about issues. The real single party in power that dictates what is DONE are the radical moderates.

    I am only half joking in the following illustration:

    When an elected official in washingtOOn is asked about the war, these are the answers you get:

    So called right winger: “support the troops!”
    So called left winger: “end global warming!”
    radical moderate: “supporting the troops will end global warming!”

    What is then DONE is continue to fund the war.

    The real answer is to dump both the dems and repubs in elections and instead vote for third party candidates. Continuing to elect the repub and dem celebdidates will just continue the failed status quo.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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