Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD): a man who should be listened to.

Quite an interview over at Reason:

Reason: What’s your reaction to the president’s veto of the Iraq supplemental?
Rep. Wayne Gilchrest: The veto and the speech were both big disappointments because the president mischaracterized the nature of the legislation. There was no drop-dead date to withdraw troops. There was a recommended goal for beginning to leave in 2007. The president should have looked at that legislation and said “You have your goals, here are mine, let’s see what we can do.” We should be able to reach both of our goals in that short time frame.

Reason: What’s the next step the House should take?
Gilchrest: There’s been a strong message from Congress about the present policy. Next we need to get the funding out there and look at other ways to address the policy. We [in Congress] hold the purse, so for anybody to suggest that we don’t have a constitutional right to influence the executive branch is absurd—really absurd. We’ve been on the sidelines for four years just watching this policy unfold. It is our right and responsibility to have an impact on this policy. Respect for other members of the government doesn’t seem to be apparent to the president.

Reason: When you voted for the war you said that the Americans who would overthrow Saddam were “peacemakers.” Do you stand by that?

Gilchrest: I stand by that rationale. That rationale was based on the Persian Gulf War of 1991. I was here during that war, during the debate, during the development of the authorization to use force, and this authorization for this war was virtually the same. What it meant was that you only go to war with all other options exhausted. After a couple of years, when all that began to unravel, that’s when I knew if I had a chance to vote on authorization again I wouldn’t vote for it. What I failed to consider was whether the executive branch was competent, informed, and had integrity. Under the circumstances, I don’t think it was.

Go read the rest; Gilchrest seems to be a good guy.


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