The failed questioning of Monica Goodling by House Judiciary

I have been appalled at the general incompetence of the HJC as regards questioning witnesses, specifically Alberto Gonzales. This session today is no exception. The Democrats seem to have no preparation, no idea of how to get witnesses to actually answer or be shown to be contradictory, there is no organization of the questioning, no collaboration to get at important issues, no demands for reasonable use of documents, minutes, records. There is no effort to expose the fallacies in Republican talking points. Instead, the Dems seem to nitpick at minor questions that always come up to denials or memory lapses. Instead, the Dems resort to slogans, talking points, scolding or sarcasm. And remember, this witness has IMMUNITY.

This has to fall at the feet of the chairman, John Conyers. While Rep. Conyers is to be commended for his interest in these problems, he is incompetent in this capacity. I mean, Conyers knows about Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo….they hardly even need any staff work; all they have to do is go to the internets/tubes and download the questions. Instead, our congressmen look like louts, dufusses, senile or medicated. Or they just play to some limited audience. Or are clearly just hoping to be angry enough to make the evening news soundbite.

some examples:

Rep. Barbara Lee: “Be as cryptic as possible.” Yes, she actually said that. Doesn’t she know what the word means?

Launches into “What was your disagreement with [the hiring of ] Seth Adam Minaro [for non-political position, as it turns out, but we hardly know what she’s talking about], from Howard University. You described him as “too liberal.” ”

Goodling: I delayed it. Sorry.

What role did Karl Rove play in the firing of the US Attorneys? The only way we can get to the bottom of this is by the testimony of Karl Rove.

What is the point of wasting everyone’s time with this trash? How can the HJC justify issuing subpoenas and giving immunity for this? Don’t the Democrats realize how bad they look on television? how incompetent? Don’t they realize this stuff is just playing into the hands of Karl Rove and the GOP? I tell you, we’d have been better off to just have her come in, sit down, take the oath, and then invoke the Fifth, and go away.


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One response to “The failed questioning of Monica Goodling by House Judiciary

  1. nb

    I think you mean Sheila Jackson-Lee. Barbara Lee is not a member of the Judiciary Committee.

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