Tuesdays at the Rapture

Reading God’s mind is certainly getting complicated.

This week the Rapture Index Guy/mindreader of God estimates a net decrease of 1 in the Index.

Active categories:

Financial stability: seems to have improved: decrease one point.

Earthquakes: also stable, down one.

However, Rapture Index Guy, who I know reads the paper, finally notices that the Australian drought is serious, after 6 years, and so increases the drought score by 1.

I sure hope this Rapture Index Guy is real smart, cause a lot of people are counting on him to get it right. I know I am, and so are all those people who tune in every week, trusting my meta-analysis.  It’s a heavy burden we take up when we advise millions, if not billions, on how, why and when their earthly frames are gonna be vaporized.

So, I think the best course is clear: send money to the Rapture Index Guy, to make sure he has all the resources he needs to read the mind of God the Father Almighty.  Don’t worry about me…the Rapture Index Guy and I have an arrangement….you know what I mean…

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Filed under Humor, religion

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