The Sopranos predictions, again

That screw-up AJ foiled my prediction with his Rube Goldberg contraption. Now I think it’s Meadow who will die, courtesy of Phil, or some other mob apes; Meadow had her chance to get away, but now she has affirmed her connection to the family, by telling of the restaurant encounter, which she knew would lead to her father beating the guy up, and getting in trouble. She is also dating a member of the family.   Phil, besides going after Meadow, has the option of turning Tony in, on the asbestos violations.

Line of the week: “Tony: I’m basically a nice guy. ”

The Middle Eastern family is gonna get killed or at least sent to Guantanamo as a result of Tony’s false tip.

I would love to see Carmella’s spec house fall down, but I think that is just over the line.

Will Sil and/or Paulie get whacked? one or the other for sure; how Paulie survived this long is beyond me. They are  gonna get into it with Sil over the non-attendance at the wake.


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