Ronald Reagan, conservatives, and immigration, part I

Conservatives who are going batshit crazy over the “amnesty” issue,  ought not to forget their hero:

President Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to illegal immigrants when he signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 that affected mostly Latino immigrants living in the United States since 1982.

Of the nearly 4 million illegal immigrants eligible to apply for legal residency under the 1986 law, 55 percent were from Mexico, according to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. The law gave immigrants who came to America before 1982 one year, between May 1987 and May 1988, to apply for temporary resident status and permits for employment.

Just sayin….


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One response to “Ronald Reagan, conservatives, and immigration, part I

  1. dan

    all I know is that more immigrants leads to more people that we as tax payers have to support.Also if they can’t find jobs they can steal stuff and get locked up so we can feed them.
    This act of letting all immigrants that come here illegally is like openning your doors to your house and letting them in to do as they please with what you have worked for and cared for.It seems like we just close our doors but leave them unlocked and they still come in.LOCK THE DOOR AND USE THE PEEPHOLE TO SEE WHO WE ARE LETTING IN OUR HOME”

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