Saturday Big Lebowski Roundup

Sit down and have a Caucasian.

-The Coen Brothers new flick No Country for Old Men was shown at Cannes and prelim reviews look great.

It’s a riveting, blistering bit of work; a classic bag-of-loot thriller that plays out in a Tex-Mex landscape of yellowing badlands and fleapit motels. Josh Brolin is the taciturn hunter who stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong and promptly absconds with the loot. Javier Bardem plays the smiling, remorseless psychopath on his trail, while Tommy Lee Jones is the grizzled sheriff who could possibly put everything right but probably won’t.

No County For Old Men may ultimately be too much of a genre piece to take the Palme d’Or, but I’d have no complaints if it did. The film runs a shade over two hours but there’s barely an ounce of fat on it. It’s pure narrative, hard, fast and lean, with none of the post-modern japery that the Coens sometimes use to put a distance between the story and the audience.

Midway through, I had this down as the brothers’ best film since The Big Lebowski. By the end I was wondering if it might not be their masterpiece.

That’s my homework, Walter!


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