US vaccinating troops against smallpox: pointless and dangerous

This is ridiculous. It’s just another part of the hype and the scare. And there is a cost:


A 2-year-old boy spent seven weeks in the hospital and nearly died from a viral infection he got from the smallpox vaccination his father received before shipping out to Iraq, according to a government report and the doctors who treated him.

The boy, who lives in Indiana and has recovered, became ill in early March, two weeks after his father’s deployment was delayed and he was allowed to make a trip home. Over the next few weeks, the boy suffered kidney failure and lost most of his skin to the disease, eczema vaccinatum.

Smallpox was officially declared eradicated by the World Health Organization in 1979, and inoculation of military personnel was suspended in 1990. But after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the subsequent cases of anthrax sent through the mail, the government began vaccinating military personnel and many health care workers, with 1.2 million vaccinated as of March of this year.

Since then, a handful of vaccinia cases have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention….

The only smallpox virus outside of US research labs is in the Soviet Union; it is secure.  And, it is beyond stupid to suggest that it would be used in the Middle East.  It would kill most of the people.  This  would be even more stupid than Iran launching nuclear weapons in the general direction of Israel.

This vaccination program should stop.



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2 responses to “US vaccinating troops against smallpox: pointless and dangerous

  1. erinisright

    The US Military gives guidelines on how to care for the vaccination site and prevent infection of others. While I feel for the little boy, his father should have been more careful.
    The vaccination, like all vaccinations, in precautionary. The enemies in the Middle East have been capable of a lot more than we originally imagined and the US Military is merely trying to head off all possible threats. The fact that a Smallpox outbreak in the Middle East would kill mostly civilians is no matter to the enemy; they kill more civilians than soldiers as it is. Look at your numbers and trust your military.

  2. What “numbers” are you referring to? There are no numbers that justify mass vaccinations for smallpox.
    “…the US Military is merely trying to head off all possible threats.”
    All vaccinations are based on a risk/benefit analysis. This smallpox vaccination program doesn’t make the grade. Paranoid fantasies are not good cause.

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