Two ABC newsmen killed in Iraq

Among the hundreds killed in Iraq yesterday were two more brave reporters:

Cameraman Alaa Uldeen Aziz, 33, and soundman Saif Laith Yousuf, 26, were returning home from work at the ABC News Baghdad bureau yesterday afternoon when their car was reportedly ambushed and they were killed by unknown assailants.

On “Good Morning America” this morning, ABC’s Terry McCarthy said that Aziz and Yousuf were traveling home when they were stopped by two cars full of gunmen and forced to exit their car. The two were unaccounted for overnight and their deaths were confirmed this morning, McCarthy said.

“They are really our eyes and ears in Iraq,” McCarthy said of the contribution each made to ABC News. “Many places in Baghdad are just too dangerous for foreigners to go now, so we have Iraqi camera crews who very bravely go out & without them we are blind, we cannot see what’s going on.”

“Today we’ve lost two family members. It really hurts,” McCarthy said.

Aziz is survived by his wife, his two daughters and his mother. Yousuf leaves behind his fiancee, his mother and brothers and sisters.


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