GOP attempts to silence Ron Paul; UPDATED

The fact is that the group of Saudis from al-Qaeda attacked the US because of our military presence on the Arabian peninsula, not “because of our freedom.” After the 9/11 attacks, we removed these forces.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The chairman of the Michigan Republican Party said Wednesday that he will try to bar Ron Paul from future GOP presidential debates because of remarks the Texas congressman made that suggested the Sept. 11 attacks were the fault of U.S. foreign policy.

Michigan party chairman Saul Anuzis said he will circulate a petition among Republican National Committee members to ban Paul from more debates. At a GOP candidates’ debate Tuesday night, Paul drew attacks from all sides, most forcefully from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, when he linked the terror attacks to U.S. bombings.

“Have you ever read about the reasons they attacked us? They attack us because we’ve been over there. We’ve been bombing Iraq for 10 years,” Paul said.

I don’t think al-Qaeda really cared about our attacks on Saddam, as he was the enemy of al Qaeda. But at least Paul is closer to the truth than this “hated freedom” crap.

UPDATE: Get this: a radio program has banned all mention of Ron Paul.

Local radio station talk show hosts Mike Shanin and Scott Parks have decided to censor stories concerning 2008 Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul. On the air this afternoon, the pair suggested that they would require a 1500 signature petition to be hand-delivered to their studio for them to lift the ban on Dr. Paul. They started by mentioning a somewhat threatening email they received from an individual in Virginia. This email suggested that they cover Ron Paul or else risk the wrath of angry Paul supporters. Each time they mentioned his name on the air, it was bleeped out as if it were a curse word. At one point, they snickered to each other when one of them mentioned Ron Paul’s name and the name was not censored, as if they accidently let it slip. They attempted to marginalize Dr. Paul by implying that there is only a small, radical group of Dr. Paul supporters, and his supporters are basically akin to tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists.

The hosts then went on to suggest that a petition be started, which would require 1500 hand-written signatures of Dr. Paul backers and was limited geographically to just the Kansas City metro area.



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3 responses to “GOP attempts to silence Ron Paul; UPDATED

  1. Harvey

    I agree with you. They are trying to silence him. One of country’s constitutional rights is the freedom of speach so how can they block him from future debates? The man has a right to be heard and is just telling everyone like he sees it. At least he is standing behind what he is saying which is more than most politicians do. Let the man speak! He is making more of an impact now than some people could do in 4 years in office.
    Want more on this subject? Read what Christopher Ruddy has to say.

  2. The Kansas City volunteers for the Ron Paul campaign now have a web presence. Please visit our blog ( and our forum ( for more info.

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