Fred Thompson: any old false premise will do….

Fred Thompson, putative candidate for the GOP nomination for president/warmonger, has a piece up at the American Enterprise Institute, on the demise of college military history courses, which I presume he wrote in order to show his yearning for war, but actually demonstrates either how

  • dumb,
  • careless or
  • dishonest

he is.
Here’s Fred:

If you went to college in the Sixties, like I did, you might not know how much higher education has changed since then. Universities today are different places. At Vanderbilt, where I got my law degree, I hear you can take courses in third wave feminism or colonial governmentality.
Your guess is as good as mine.

On the other hand, some of the courses that we took for granted aren’t around at all. One area of study that’s almost disappeared from universities today is military history–the history of warfare.

Well, Fred, how long does it take to Google, anyway, just for some basic facts…

Vanderbilt University online course descriptions:

History 130: Western Military History to 1830

History 131: Sea Power in History

History 177: Cold War

History 188: WW II

History 225: Europe from WW I through WW II

History 272: US History in the era of the Civil War (also referred to as “The Southern War for Independence.”)

and also, History 281: The US and the Vietnam War

And that’s just the named undergrad history courses; there are scores of other history courses, most of which deal with war in one way or another.

Grad school:

Mike Boden is an active-duty military officer and doctoral candidate studying under Professor Helmut Smith. His dissertation, “Friedrich Engels and the Art of War”, examines socialist theories of armed conflict in the final half of the nineteenth century; a selection of his work won the 2001 Arter-Darby Military History Writing Award at the US Army Command and General Staff College. Currently assigned as the Deputy Commander for the 4th Brigade, 1st Calvary division, Fort Bliss, Texas, he has served tours in Germany, Southwest Asia and Kosovo, and taught World, German, and Holocaust History courses at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

oh, and don’t forget ROTC, Fred, and many courses are open to non-ROTC.

Fred, like many conservatives, loves to whine about how great things used to be, and especially about how awful are the colleges and their occupants. How about you do some homework when you write papers for the AEI, Fred….you remember, like when you were a boy…..or do they just let you make stuff up?

oh, by the way, Don Rumsfeld has some courses you could take…


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One response to “Fred Thompson: any old false premise will do….

  1. Relax my friend…Fred will be in charge before your aware of it…there will be no pain, and you may enjoy you new found conservatism…
    Have a great day…I am! :))

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