US admits melamine is a threat, releases contaminated meat anyway.

Authorities noted that a person who weighs 132 pounds (approximately 60 kg) would have to eat more than 800 pounds (approximately 363 kg) of pork per day before it would pose a health risk.


This is not a joke, people. The dose of melamine and/or cyanuric acid required to induce tumors is not known. The FDA and Department of Agriculture under Bush are functioning only to protect the profits of meat packers, who have thousands of contaminated carcasses of pigs, chickens and fish on their hands. All the contaminated chicken, pork and fish is being unleashed on the public, without even being marked, so the consumer could decide.
DON’T BUY FARM FISH, or CHICKENS or PORK. Protect yourselves and your family, because it’s clear that the government isn’t going to do so.


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