The captured US troops: why occupation/the Israel-neocon model doesn’t work

We now have some 4000 troops searching for two captured US soldiers and an interpreter.  This is probably at least half of the number of new troops who have arrived in the “surge” escalation of the occupation.  Our kids are now kicking down more doors,  searching more homes, imprisoning more Iraqis for no reason, and becoming targets for hate and/or bullets.

The entire neocon ideology is based on the idea that military force makes right, and conquers all, and we are so vulnerable  that every perceived threat will be met with massive force, and every actual attack will be answered with tenfold response.   When one occupies  the lands of another, inviting attacks, and still holds to the idea that its soldiers are so sacrosanct, then the conflict will never end.

This is the Israel model, and it is flat wrong for the US.


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