The Sopranos; predictions updated

I can’t say that the quality of the Sopranos is quite up to previous years. It seems as though the writing is rushing too much. But maybe I’m just getting old. Tony suddenly has a huge gambling problem. Vegas sends a private jet to pick him up…he must have lost a tremendous amount. Why didn’t we know about that before? The rift between Tony and Christopher…never seemed that serious, am I wrong? Did I not pay enough attention to Tony’s dirty looks? Did Tony say anything to Carmella about his trip to Vegas? If he just wanted to gamble, why not Atlantic City? The hooker seemed like an afterthought. Tony’s business is going to hell from in attention…that was never his style before he suddenly developed this gambling problem. Now he’s doing drugs.

I had predicted Christopher would die, but not exactly that way. Tony suddenly comes into focus as a really, really bad guy. I mean, the devil….possibly worse than Paulie, which is saying something. Of course, Christopher was a loose cannon and a jerk, but he was really the closest thing Tony had to a son. Yechh.

The NY mob is sensing the weakness, and the only question is whether they will get Tony before the Feds get him for his illegal asbestos scam/dumping (did we know about this from previous episodes?). To introduce the asbestos at this point means it must be important, so I am postulating this is the way that Tony will be finally brought to justice, which was my prediction. Not to rule out that he might also be assassinated, while he is in jail or out on bail. I think that Janice and Bobby will turn on Tony, providing evidence to the feds in exchange for witness protection.

I thought AJ would go to prison for child abuse of Blanca’s baby, but instead he abused a college student, and seems to have gotten away with it; it now seems likely he’s going to commit suicide.

I haven’t thought much about Sil. He seems like the only sane person in the bunch. Without him, Tony’s mob is kaput. Is he in danger from Paulie, over Sil’s non-attendance at Paulie’s mother’s wake? In Tony’s absence, will Paulie whack Sil? seems likely.

What will happen to Paulie? does anyone care? He seems to be in danger from the gang that Tony has partnered up with, in the power saw scam.

There seems to be just enough time for one whack per episode.  I think this week it’ll be Sil, then Tony will be arrested, AJ will self destruct, then Paulie will get whacked.

Is Carmella’s spec house going to collapse? seems too bizarre…. but somehow she is going to be left with nothing. I could be wrong but if Tony has gambled away most of their money, and not put anything in the bank, then perhaps their only cash is what is hidden in the house “for emergencies.” If the house should burn, it will not only destroy that asset but also their cash. Insurance? who knows?

Will Meadow be destroyed? I would say no, at this point. She is the only one to have built a life that has nothing to do with the corruption.



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6 responses to “The Sopranos; predictions updated

  1. The way David Chase works, everything you mentioned is designed to make you anxious, and somewhere in all that there is a symbolic, ironic message that he will eventually reveal. But it won’t be what we expect.

    I agree, structurally, the “Tony is a high roller” theme seems a little tacked on, since we never really saw it before. But it’s not improbable, he’s in that world, so I’m gonna go along with it. Everything else pretty much works for me.

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  3. yes, you’re exactly right. The flimsy house is so biblical/fairy tale.

    Please, I don’t want to see Tony as a hippie in Oaxaca.

  4. 3bears

    Tony will get killed; the tooth in the cuff of his pants was very symbolic. The Italians say when you dream of losing a tooth, it means death. The ongong battle of good Tony vs bad Tony will continue (good T reuniting with his family via avenging Meadow and connecting with his real son over Chrsitopher), good T saving NYC from terrorist attack via his tips to Feds. But bad T’s actions will have caught up with him thereby leaving him dead. ts the only way Chase can be authentic to this tale. He dragged us along for how many years through how many hiatuses? Has to kill Tony to show he was true to us and didn’t make us suffer through all that only to have “Sopranos the Movie” or “Tony on the Run” series. We will be left as conflicted as the main character in this series has been all along.

  5. susan

    i’m really upset with dr. melfi … infact, the moment shows that tony has grown in his therapy and that she has devolved. very bad to leave a patient so vulnerable in such a cold hardhearted way. major irony.

  6. Here’s the inside scoop (prediction?):

    For survival, Tony and his family go into Witness Protection. The last scene is Tony mowing the lawn in some mid-west development of cookie-cutter homes. The camera rises to view the whole development.

    You heard it here first.

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