Condi had an extreme makeover

I don’t know whether it was in response to Laura Bush’s catty comments about not having a family, or just the usual middle age crisis, but Condi Rice has definitely had some work done on her face and teeth. Since she doesn’t really engage in any diplomacy, I guess she’s not had any other demands on her time. Who missed her, while she was convalescing? I mean, the only thing on her plate was the Provincial Reconstruction Teams for Iraq that W promised us, but everybody knew that was a fraud anyway. Look at Condi on Charlie Rose, a few minutes into this Bill Moyers’ piece, and compare it with any images from two years ago and you will be shocked by the difference. And no, losing a few pounds doesn’t account for it…that doesn’t defat your eyelids or de-gap your teeth.

So now she looks like a different person. I just wish she actually WERE a different person. Or gone. But I’m sure work-husband George appreciates the hard work. I don’t imagine Laura does.

Great surgery, and the cosmetic dentistry is also very good, I have to admit.

I’m happy that in her advancing years Condi has managed to fix up her face. Sort of like the lipstick she tries to put on her performance as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, or on the illegal disaster that is Iraq.

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