Bush’s 18 words: There is no “surge” there; just an escalation.

Bush, Rove, and their speechwriters think Americans are stupid. They think our citizens are stupid, our journalists are stupid, and the Congress is stupid; and I guess we all are. We remember the 16 words that drove us into the Iraq war in 2003:

The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.

He fooled us then, so shame on him; and he has fooled us again; shame on us.

The “surge” idea which was bandied about before and after Bush’s speech of January 10 of this year implied a temporary increase in troops in Iraq, and everyone cited Fred Kagan’s plan as evidence. “Somehow” we got the idea that in a few months we could tell if this was working. Well, we thought, we don’t like it, but that might not be so bad….and the number was supposed to be 21,500, much less than the numbers Kagan suggested.
Well done, Fred Kagan, American Enterprise Institute, Karl Rove, speechwriters, et al, and most of all President George W. Bush. You fooled us again.

Here is what Bush actually said, on January 10, 2007:

This will require increasing American force levels. So I’ve committed more than 20,000 additional American troops to Iraq.

That’s all he said. 18 words.


Here we are 4 months later, and the troop increase is at least 30,000, is NOT TEMPORARY, and requires worse abuse of our troops than before, requiring 15 month tours of duty; a few days ago we learned that there wasn’t going to be an evaluation until September, and now we learn that really the evaluation won’t be until April (that’s NEXT April):

The Pentagon announced yesterday that 35,000 soldiers in 10 Army combat brigades will begin deploying to Iraq in August as replacements, making it possible to sustain the increase of U.S. troops there until at least the end of this year.

U.S. commanders in Iraq are increasingly convinced that heightened troop levels, announced by President Bush in January, will need to last into the spring of 2008. The military has said it would assess in September how well its counterinsurgency strategy, intended to pacify Baghdad and other parts of Iraq, is working.

The surge needs to go through the beginning of next year for sure,” said Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, the day-to-day commander for U.S. military operations in Iraq. The new requirement of up to 15-month tours for active-duty soldiers will allow the troop increase to last until spring, said Odierno, who favors keeping experienced forces in place for now.”What I am trying to do is to get until April so we can decide whether to keep it going or not,” he said in an interview in Baghdad last week.

Yes, shame on us; shame on us for believing anything Bush says; shame on us for not impeaching him and Cheney. We are fools.


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